Wednesday, March 16

观星人 : +u!W at 夜空时间 : 8:55 AM
This semester is the most terrible + horrible semester for me.
It was just an assignment semester!
FYI, we have assignmentSss and online quiz due every WEEK.
Ya every week and it's not only one.
It just made us feel nothing can be finished as one done one came again. Oh My Headache :'(
Electrical system and EFDP make my headache even worst.
IDK what the point we need to learn some knowledge about electrical since our major is not in that.
The workloads of EFDP over the limit i can bear liao laaa.
I do like homework but not that much kay..If they must be that much, then can we have little more time to complete them?

I'm done nagging. Feel better :)

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