Saturday, April 23

It's holiday!

观星人 : +u!W at 夜空时间 : 11:35 AM
After one more + hectic month, finally free week came by yesterday.
I'm currently enjoying my one week break at my home sweet home.
First time slept for 10 hours+, the feeling is just so syok. hehe
I love love love this feeling so much.
Although there are still some assignment to be done which due after free week,
but i just want to enjoy first before going back to the tiring reality-facing the assignments and reports.
I'm just gonna rest gao gao and play gao gao at here.
So not looking forward to the life after one week.
I bet everyone loves holidays right, it's just gonna be so excited and yet fun although just sit at home.
I just wanna shout HOORAY now without any reasons.
I'm getting crazy i know :P

K lah enjoy the free week time, Curtinian :D
And Happy Easter's Day!

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