Monday, May 30

study week

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Today is officially the start of study week.
A week to read through 12 weeks things, 4 subjects, FML..
tutorials, past years.......
Lots to do in a so little time.
Hope I can finish 'em all.

I do feel tension. Especially at night. So if i'm rude to you, i don't mean it.
Just my hormone get a little bit weird at that time :)
I don't like distractions, that why I don't want bother if you want me to see the past years while i'm still reading through my notes. So, i'll reply you when i get to that, please don''t keep nagging me, k?

I want keep myself less online, but i just can't do that :'(. Fb, Plurk, blogs are my daily addictions,
I just can't get over it :(
Awww,one more thing to say : 
"Mr bed, can you please don't seduce me?! I don't want to lie on you !"

Counting down: 10 days to holidays ;)

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