Saturday, January 8

Let's picha talk

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Let's introduce the January baby- Yi Zhou..He is the very first one in our gang who step into 20 corner :) We had a small gathering on his 20th birthday @ Kemena Hotel. By the way his birthday is on 3rd of Jan :D Some of the stupid guys forced him to drink the long island tea which make his face red like what and felt dizzy. LOL

See, his good brothers are such so sweet. They even bought the guitar to play happy birthday song for him. Although i can't really heard the "melody" but what they had done are just so sweet for the birthday boy :) GOD was so "touching" untill there was raining cat and dog ROFL


My beverage of the night--hot chocolate

She is a gorgeous friend of mine-- Ruhana..Pretty lady don't she :)

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Tan Yi Zhou on January 15, 2011 at 10:14 AM said... Reply to comment

... you actually uploaded all these photos?!?! 囧 and with their captions some more??? =.=''

Lol... swt...

Btw, thanks lar :]


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