Thursday, January 6

it's crap~

观星人 : +u!W at 夜空时间 : 11:09 PM
Heyyyy ! I can feel spider webs are all around my not so cute blog now :)
What to do? I have nothing to be updates recently~
Or maybe some of the gathering and birthday celebration picture will be uploaded soon, very soon i guess :p
It's almost a week of the new year ady, how's everything going?
I'm bored like hell seriously but i managed to bake do something to kill my boredom (things refer to food) XD
Perhaps I help mum to do cny preparation so that i don't rust/rot during this holiday!
Weee! I feel so excited about cny this here but idk why i got this feeling!
Whatever la ..happy is most important right? :)

I'll try my very best to update my not very cute blog more often, I promise ~
Btw, idk why my progression of watching gossip girl and bla bla series are so slow recently :(
and Idk why my time pass so fast recently
and some more idk why i love to sleep recently :p
and moreover idk why i dream lots and having nightmares recently :(

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