Friday, June 8

Mumbling again...

观星人 : +u!W at 夜空时间 : 4:40 PM
And I had done with 3 of the paper. Not very satisfied tho.
Careless mistakes are spotted everywhere again.
When just can I get rid off all those stupid careless mistakes?
I just wish the exam time is a bit longer for me to double check all the answers.
 It's really pek chek when you knew how to solve the questions but then you are ruined by all those careless one. Marks are just gone :(
Double triple sigh.
Next paper will be on Tuesday but now I have totally no mood for the revision.
Ahhh someone please help me to stop procrastinating!
Focus arrr focus, sweep away all the holiday moods first. Just few days to goooo you know!


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